• Hot or not? - Some Thoughts About the Online Dating World

    By Genevieve Molloy

    Tinder, Grindr, Blendr, Adult Match Maker, RSVP, Ok Cupid, Oasis Active, e Harmony, Pink Sofa- where to begin? The virtual search for love has taken off and completely revolutionised how a lonely heart might fill up their dance card. Each site or app offers unique succour for lovers that have decided to go online to seek the romance they desire. Here’s a thoroughly researched peer reviewed look at some of what’s available –

    Tinder – the ultimate hot or not. Users ruthlessly scroll through photos ciphered from Facebook, deciding their potential paramour’s fate with a left sided swipe. Tinder is a smartphone app that doesn’t require users to create a profile so the risk of initial deception in the form of unemployment, criminal convictions and number of offspring could be reduced. As far as Internet hook ups go this app most mimics the traditional girl meets boy in a dive bar after one too many shots of Jose Cuervo.

    Grindr – ‘The worlds biggest scariest gay bar ‘according to Vanity Fair magazine. With over 6 million users worldwide Grindr uses a location based service to facilitate semi-anonymous sex between men. At times, overwhelming, the strengths of this app lie in sheer volume. Sex or ‘dates’ are negotiated in a matter of minutes and the idea of one true love is left at the door.

    Blendr – Grindr’s straight counterpart. Like online shopping sometimes what you order is a great big disappointment.

    Adult Match Maker – Now this site is big business and the majority of the genitally exposed, open minded swingers registered with AMM mean business. Profile information requires the user to volunteer personal information regarding width of appenditure, depilation and general willingness to experiment. Ask and you shall receive? Well maybe if what your heart desires is a no strings attached rendezvous involving couples that enjoy lounging around in each other’s dirty knickers. Used by many as a vehicle to transport them to the next key swapping event AMM is not for the faint hearted.

    RSVP, OK Cupid, e harmony – same same SAME! These sites promise a world of true romance, adoration and complete blissful compatibility. Advertisements depict young earnest professionals explaining how really ok it is to online date and up until now they had been looking for love in all the wrong places. There is someone for everyone and if you believe a healthy relationship is forged on horoscope predictions and a shared love of ethnic homewares - step to it.

    Pink Sofa – Online dating for girls who like girls is somewhat thin on the ground. Most major sites have a ‘W2W’ off shoot but the matchmaking needs of lesbian and bisexual women appears somewhat neglected. Reviews of this site indicate that what might have started out as a safe space for lesbian and bisexual women to connect has now become a haven for conservative bullies. Not good if you’re looking for ardour rather than an earbashing over your lefty ideals.

    So what’s a genuine, well adjusted, somewhat choosy lonely heart to do?
    GET OUT THERE! Get online, but be specific and decisive. Know what you want and tell it to ‘em straight. If you are overwhelmed by unsuitable propositions don’t be disheartened just open the front door and yell NEXT! If the virtual hard sell doesn’t work for you try doing something regularly like visiting the same café , the same gym, the same health food store. Allow people the opportunity to start to like having you around. Us humans are creatures of habit and that combined with some workable bedroom eyes can be just what’s needed to turn things around. If all else fails, cats, lots and lots of cats.

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    • sherry says...

      Others not mentioned here are

      Free ones.

      SKOUT – online chat.
      Red Hot Pie, – much like AMM, events, chat etc.


      Zoosk – takes your info from facebook to create your profile.

      Whats frustrating is most of the paid ones suck you in by saying ‘free to browse and flirt’ but you then find you are limited to how many flirts or messages before they want to get your cc details.

      On November 25, 2013

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