• Yuki (Iroha) by TENGA Product Review

    The Yuki is part of the Iroha range for TENGA

    For the one time I’ve used this product, the Yuki receives ten deep exhales out of ten.

    WOW.  I mean that. Maybe it was because I just had an excellent orgasm and I was ready for it, or maybe it’s because the Yuki is DA’BOMB!

    A really smooth, soft and squishy silicone which manages to pack power into its form and function making the Yuki a great new massager and vibrator.

    The Yuki is one out of three vibrators from the Iroha range by TENGA, and is the only one that can be used to penetrate slightly also.

    Although it’s a smaller head than most vibrators used for penetration it definitely is able to massage the entry of the vagina (where women are very sensitive) in a way that creates awareness around this sensitivity for the user. And get’s her going.

    My partner and I used it together and they managed to essentially give me a really sensual vulva massage with the Yuki that drove me crazy!

    That’s the idea with this range of toys that they can also be used all over the body to massage and stimulate. With such a high quality feel it’s not a bad idea – however good luck keeping it out of the really sexy zone for longer than a minute. ;)


    The range of power of the Yuki is impressive as are it’s different modes – despite not really using them.

    The Yuki also comes in a great display box, which charges it (as long as it’s plugged in). Everything about the Yuki is beautiful.

    If you want a great external vibe that has the option to titillate inside your vagina a little bit the Yuki is a great option. It’s rounded shape, colour and overall aesthetic also make it a great toy to use with a partner because it definitely won’t intimidate.

    If you’ve got a female partner and you want to get her something sexy and beautiful this Christmas  - I would definitely not go past the Yuki.

    Purchase Yuki here.


    Watch the video of the Yuki below.


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