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    In The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler colourfully said, “Why do you need a hand-gun if you’ve got a semi-automatic?” in reference, of course, to the wonderful clitoris – the only organ in the human body with a sole purpose of pleasure. There are many reasons why we have sex and a great deal of literature about how we obtain pleasure and more often than not, the clitoris is a main contributor to female fun. But do we truly understand the anatomy of the clitoris? The answer is, no! Hence I’m writing this blog (information for which was originally posted, here).

    In 1998 findings were published regarding the microscopic nerve supply to the clitoris. Research had been undertaken by urologist Helen O’Connell of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, that’s right, our home-city home-girl set out to understand the clitoris using MRI (this had been done for men with regards to their sexual function in the ‘70s). And only in 2005 was her work published by the The American Urological Association – 7 YEARS AGO!?!

    Still today, all we know about the clitoris is that it’s the glans (not glands) that sit above our labia minora, it’s ‘the little man in the boat’, it’s the bean we flick (oh, I cringe a little at the thought of these names and sayings), we are using it and seeing it EVERYDAY (some of us) yet, we just assume that it sits there, as a little button, with a whole lot of power. Right?
    In 2009, not long after O’Connell’s work was published, French researchers Dr. Odile Buisson and Dr. Pierre Foldes gave the medical world (and now, all of us) its first complete 3-D sonography of the stimulated clitoris. Refer to the image gallery above. The two of them did this work for three years without proper funding. With great thanks to them, we now understand how erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges and surrounds the vagina.

    A little about how it works…

    So the glans (which is visible to us, externally) are connected to the body or the shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa. When erect the corpora cavernosa encompass the vagina on either side, wrapping around it essentially giving it a big ol’ old loved up excited hug. Two parts of the corpora cavernosa split off and extend further, this extension is called the crura (there are two, one on each cavernosa). When at rest they point toward the thigh, and stretch back toward the spine when erect.
    Near this crura (or crus) on either side of the vaginal opening are the clitoral vestibules (or clitoral bulbs), internally these lie under the labia majora. When they become stimulated they become engorged with blood and cuff the vaginal opening causing the vulva to expand outward. Quoted from the original article, “Get these puppies excited, and you’ve got a hungrier, tighter-feeling vaginal opening in which to explore!”

    In knowing this, we understand where the VAGINAL ORGASM actually comes from. Essentially your vaginal orgasm is an internal clitoral orgasm. WHOA, WHOA, MIND BLOWN, YES?!?

    Now, surely how you go about achieving an orgasm and the exploration within your sex life – will be affected positively. Exciting, huh? Yep!
    It is of course important to acknowledge, that our likes, dislikes and physicality’s are all slightly varying and nobody is the same.  However, knowledge is power and exploration with those we trust with our bodies can be one of life’s most intimate and rewarding pleasures.
    Knowing the anatomy of the clitoris provides significant information for individuals, and paves the way for further research of female sexuality – which is sadly underrepresented and misinformed in several textbooks, professional medical guides and on the Internet.
    Understanding the internal clitoris also provides hope of recovery for women who have experienced clitoral mutilation. Dr. Pierre Foldes does some amazing restorative work for women who have experienced this barbaric custom – and I can’t help but have a feeling that such productive research into women’s sexuality has only just begun. And of course, greater knowledge can only mean greater access and greater pleasure for all involved.

    Thank you to the Doctors involved in this research, Dr. Buisson, Dr. Foldes and Dr. O’Connell and thank you to Ms. M for her wonderful post – where a lot of this information came from.

    Let the good times roll.

    Oh and if you’d like to see an amazing clip of the wonderful Betty Dodson drawing the Internal Clitoris, please go here – it’s well worth it. 

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