• The Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Your First Sex-toy; for those in a heterosexual relationship

    I met up with a few old friends recently who had lots of questions about toys, and it occurred to me, that perhaps a user guide on what toys I'd recommend would be a handy addition to the Mia Muse site!

    Of course there are lots of way to reconnect with you partner, but if we are talking toys, here are a few I'd recommend.

    Please note that these recommendations are primarily for heterosexual couples who have never used a toy before. There will be some information in this article that is relevant to everybody, but specific recommendations for you or your type of relationship will be added to the blog further down the track. In the mean time, if you can't wait that long please shoot me an email and I'll be happy to help you out with decisions! -

    First recommendation is Siri, a clitoral tickler; Siri is a vibrator for use only on the vulva/externally. You can obviously play around with this and interpret it how you will, but on or around the clitoris or vulva area is what it's recommended for. In this way it is great for couple play as it can be used during penetration. It's nice and subtle, yet powerful. Has five or so different modes and equally as many speeds. Great for resting in the palm of your hand during sex!

    Here is it's link -

    Further to this I'd recommend Gigi. Gigi is a good versatile vibrator and good for beginners too. The Gigi is a little bit bigger than Siri as it can be used for penetration, as a result is different to use during sex. If your partner is more than happy to play around with sex toys, Gigi would probably be a good start as you could experiment using it inside, without it being 'too big' for you or for him (some guys do get intimidated – we can talk further about this later ;)). It's called the Gigi because its tagline is 'The G-spot connoisseur' - its flat tip is tailored specifically for G-spot stimulation. However, if you have a bigger vagina -- you may want something a bit longer like the Mona, a recommendation for intermediate users or women who want a toy they'll definitely use at least 50% internally (in the vagina). In saying all this Gigi is also great on or around your clitoris. If you've got the weekend to yourself Gigi is a good one to play around with.

    Link to Gigi -

    The starter gift set (Top Drawer gift set), is great to get the basics covered, it contains the Gigi but also has Luna Beads, some excellent water-based lubricant with aloe and toy cleaner. The Luna Beads are weighted balls for your pelvic floor muscles and do all the exercises for you without you having to do anything with them, except to insert them! If you want to read more about the Luna Beads I would do that by following the link, or I can provide you with more information. Basically they work out your vagina muscles (PC/kegel muscles), which, is good for both before and after childbirth AND helps in obtaining better 'g-spot orgasms' and further down the track will prevent incontinence! Winning! They are for vaginal health and less for pleasure, unless you are blessed! (Note, you receive four balls in the set and there is an option for 'mini' balls, recommended for women 25 and under without children. The blue and the pink are different weights.)

    Starter pack -

    Luna beads -

    While you are here, I'll mention one other toy, specifically designed for couples but recommended as more of an intermediate toy - because to use it, you'd want to be comfortable with toys in your relationship because it requires a little more talking and active participation!

    It's called the Noa! If you've heard of the We-Vibe, it's similar in shape to this but its material (medical grade silicone) is a lot softer, which is beneficial because the woman wears it during penetration. The bigger tip will sit on your clitoris and the smaller tip is inserted into the vagina and rests on your G-spot. It's fun because it's all inclusive- everyone can feel the vibrations.

    I hope this helps, and the toys are enjoyed! Also, all the toys come with a user manual and a one-year warranty. And we are always here to help, well you know, you can ask us anything!

    Vanessa x

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    • Lisa says...

      I am not even sure the Siri model is still being sold, but i’d recommend it 100%. It only had the one flaw (which is not a lot for a sex toy tbh) – the buttons are not water proof. Toy cleaning products only!

      On March 26, 2016

    • Lauren says...

      Thank you Mia Muse! It was really helpful having the difference between mona and Gigi pointed out and what a user might be looking for. Is it safe to assume that the difference between the Noa and the tiani is the remote control?
      Thanks, Lauren xx

      On May 09, 2013

    • Caitlin says...

      Wow. Being a toy virgin, this is a real eye-opener. Thanks.

      On May 07, 2013

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