• The Kegel Challenge - Beginning June 1st 2013

    The Kegel Challenge will begin Saturday the 1st of June and will mean that all throughout June you will commit to wearing your Luna Beads with us for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, everyday!

    Think of it like a pledge to your vagina! Or like yoga for your yoni!

    So many good things come from a strong pelvic floor. We’d love you to join us! We’d also love it, if you spread the word to your friends. Also when you sign up, you’ll go into the running to win a Mia Muse care package, but let us just say, you’ll already be winning.

    (To find out more about your pelvic floor or the Luna Beads in general click HERE).

    Please note the community will engage and support each other through a private Facebook group.  Which you will be asked to join once you email and give us your details.

    If you don’t have Facebook, send us your email address and we can forward you as much information as possible.

    Why The Kegel Challenge?

    The Luna Beads are one of our top selling items, because obviously women care about their vaginal health but there is lack of information on the topic and a lack openness. Well, that’s crap! Look after you and join our Mia Muse community.

    We’ve sold many sets of Luna Beads over the years, many women rave about them and see the benefits, and others struggle to wear them consistently, and this is the major hurdle. So! We have set up The Kegel Challenge, so we can all do it together and we can get you into the routine of wearing the Luna Beads.
We are making the commitment to you, to be there, to do it with you and to answer your questions in ‘real time’.

    We’ll provide you with suggestions on when to wear them, encouragement, and tricks of the trade (as we work them out).

    Put your fears and judgements aside and join us in our journey to a healthy body and a healthy sex life! Essentially we’re starting a secret little Kegel club and we want you in on it.

Again, email us at and will add you to the private Facebook group or the email list.

    Products we recommend for The Kegel Challenge

    Luna Beads


    Silicone Lubricant


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