• The Kegel Diaries (17th and 18th of May)

    Saturday the 18th of May

    Weight: Two pink balls
    Length: 3 hours and counting – will probably take them out before yoga. Even though I am tempted to wear them.

    I wore them for a walk. On my walk I went to pick up a jacket I saw at a local pop-up garage sale last week… the jacket had been sold yesterday, despite SEVERAL attempts all week to tell the owner of the jacket I wanted it. SAD SAD FACE.  My beads, my girlfriend and I then walked to get a coffee, despite almost crying about the jacket on the way to coffee. I’m not normally one to let material goods get in the way of my happiness, but god it was sexy and it was $50 and I felt sexy in the idea of it. Anyway, my beads felt like they were turning me on a little bit and they definitely felt like they were “opening me up a bit” and stimulating “juiciness”. Sorry, but I’m just being honest. This is only initially though. Three hours later, they feel like a part of me.  Anyway, with take away coffee in hand we managed to go hangout and watch the local footy team run around. Yes! You can still engage in community sport AND wear Luna Beads. Please see attached photo and my new gang symbol, which I discovered on the tram last night. It’s the Luna Bead symbol – you can do it too. One or two circles (or full fisted perfect sign) depending on how many you are wearing! Secret and sexy. Get on board. It's like a hastag, except healthy and hardcore.

    Overall score: 7 jiggles out of 10 for engagement and feeling.

    Today lost a few points for initial lubrication that ensued as a result of wearing them. Did gain points though for the beautiful walk I had with them in.


    Friday the 17th of May

    Weight: Two pink balls
    Length: 4 hours – put them in right before we left the house for a double dinner date.

    Danced around the house naked for about 5 minutes as soon as I popped them in after my shower. I was dreaming of what activities I could include for members of the Luna Bead Challenge June 2013, while wearing the beads/doing the dance. This definitely helped for the flow of creativity and getting the movement happening. Which is crucial in the pelvic floor workout.  Do not worry. We will not have naked dance sessions. Unless you want to. ;)

    Wore the beads on the tram obviously (please see image), because we caught the tram to dinner this is wear the gang symbol was made up. You're welcome.

    Met up with our friends for dinner, nothing to report. After a 2/3 hour dinner session had completely forgotten the beads were in. So when I stood up the little jiggle surprised me. Then I felt like I needed to wake up my muscles so I gave my hips a little Armenian shake.  Looked forward to getting home to get the beads out. I did feel like they were irritating me slightly. A few hours later I felt a little bit ‘turned on’ – this could have been the beads getting my vagina in the mood - due to their subtle jiggling.

    Overall score: 6 jiggles out of ten

    Lost points for sitting in them for 3 hours, this use of bead time was not as effective as it could have been. However, great dinner, good friends, and fun dancing early on.

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    • Bridget says...

      HAHA! You’re hilarious.

      On May 18, 2013

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