• Wonderful Women: Emma Power from Tantra Is Love

    I first met the wonderful Emma Power at Sex Camp 2012 - as that's how we roll over here. ;) The thought of learning Tantra, exciting as it is, can even be overwhelming for a sexologist - particularly one in a new relationship, regardless there we were, my new lover and I, an hour later embraced in each other, feeling connected and euphoric.

    It's hard to make people feel okay when learning new practices that involve high levels of intimacy, but with thanks to the amazing Emma and her business partner from Tantra Is Love - we were able to feel completely relaxed and at peace with our first step into the Tantric world. A year and a bit later I'm almost an expert and Emma and her business partner are to thank for this.

    Emma is a unique and open being, but at the same time gives a vibe, like she's one of the girls - clearly on this earth to share the love so that others can live enriched lives. We asked Emma how she got onto this path, what her lover thinks of her being a tantric goddess and what it's like for those who aren't in heterosexual relationships who want to practice tantra.

    So please, get to know the Wonderful Emma Power.

    Interview by Vanessa Muradian

    Can you please tell us a little bit about what you do, please?

    Hi, I’m Emma Power and I am a Tantra Teacher.

    How did this come about?

    Well what started out as an interest, very quickly turned into a passion...  By following my passion and listening to my heart, I’ve found myself working in my dream job.  So alongside my male co-facilitator, I run 2.5 day Tantra Sexuality and Tantra Relationships workshops. I also run one day workshops and conferences for women.

    I’m passionate about this work because I’ve seen it work. Although the Tantric teachings are ancient, they seem more relevant today than ever. So nothing gives me more joy than pass on this incredible information!

    Apart from studying and teaching Tantra, what really rocks my world is living in my little house in the blue gums on The Great Ocean Road, hanging out with all my wild animal friends and surfing each day. Daily meditation, yoga and cooking up big feasts bring me joy. I make sure I get myself up to Melbourne on the weekends to get my hit of city good times, then back down the coast for some calm and quiet.

    You run workshops through your business Tantra Is Love, how did you get to this place? Are you formally trained?

    Tantra Is Love was created and developed very organically.  The path of Yoga and Tantra was something I stumbled across in a visit to India, and it totally transformed my life. I decided to study the teachings more deeply and as I did so, I became more and more excited about what I was discovering. My friends and family wanted to find out what I was learning. So I tried to share as best I could, but soon realised I needed to offer a more formal structure to really do the teachings justice. So myself and a male co-facilitator teamed up and the first Tantra Is Love workshop was created. Through word of mouth, the workshops have grown exponentially and we now have a team of staff who help us do what we do.

    I am formally trained as both a Tantric Yoga Teacher and a Tantra Teacher.

    For those who don’t know how do you describe what being Tantric is, or what Tantra is?

    Wow, where to start?! Ok, in a nutshell... Tantra is a framework of living life to its fullest, embracing and using the world around us and doing what we do with awareness and consciousness. There are a number of different ways in which to practice Tantra. Often when they hear the word Tantra, people relate it directly to Sex. Tantra is far more all-encompassing that sex, but yes, this does stand out as a feature, as Tantra is one of the only spiritual belief systems that celebrates sexuality.

    So it’s not just a bunch of sexual positions and long, long sex sessions?

    Its not, but it definitely includes these! The Tantric framework teaches us many methods in which to live life well, to make the most of what we’ve been given.. So in the teachings we can find information on how to improve in many areas – from the things we eat to how we relate to each other. One of the awesome bonuses in Tantra is the tools and techniques for teaching us how to have incredible, extended, mind-blowing, life changing sex. But this encompasses approximately %10 of the teachings.

    At what point in your life did you say, “Yep, I’m going to teach tantric workshops”?

    When I could no longer keep up with the amount of people who were asking to meet for coffee and ‘pick my brain’ to find out about Tantra.

    How does your partner deal with you being a Tantric goddess? Did or does he ever find this intimidating?

    My partner is incredibly encouraging and supportive of my work.. He greatly benefits from all the research I do – and doesn’t seem to mind being the person I test out my new theories/techniques on! He has been a Tantra Teacher himself for some time now, and has had years of experience on this path, so understands it well.

    What is the best thing about living Tantric?

    Tantra teaches us how we can life a life that is fulfilling – that gives us both depth and joy. It is also one of the only belief systems that is inclusive of what other systems would call worldly. By practising Tantra I can still enjoy the things in this world. Further more it teaches how to enjoy these things to the fullest, and to use the gifts of the world to live with more awareness.

    Tantra is also an amazing framework. For me, I literally use it as a type of manual for life. When I get struck on a decision or hit a tough time, I can refer to this awesome system for guidance and support.

    Do you believe people who are looking at practising Tantra need to change their lives accordingly to suit this lifestyle or you can do little bits, here and there?

    Now here’s where we get to one of the reasons that Tantra is so relevant to today's society. Tantra is a practice that can be tailored to the individual. Originally Tantra was set up for the householders – people who wanted to live a conscious lifestyle, yet still engage in day to day life. Not all of us can or want to go and live in a cave or monastery. Tantra shows us how we can live in the world, yet still expand in awareness and consciousness.
    So in answer to your question; absolutely – people can start small, slowly integrating practices bit by bit. What you notice, however, is that even the smallest of tweaking can change the quality of your life. And this doesn’t have to take time. Often its a matter of changing how you do something rather than what you do. In saying that, there are many different practices you can take on. You can decide what works best for you and invest time accordingly.

    What does your daily practice involve?

    My daily practice varies according to my lifestyle. At the moment I’m focusing quite a lot on my practice.. So it currently it involves approximately 4 hours of studying tantric/yogic text, meditation, breath and energy exercises, Tantric Yoga. Some days it includes Tantric Rituals. On top of that, plenty of Tantric Lovemaking. When I first started to practice Tantra it involved about 15 mins a day. It will vary for the individual, the way in which they practice, and this is fine.

    For couples that aren’t heterosexual can Tantric work be fulfilling? How are you inclusive, yet valuable?

    Absolutely. It’s a huge misconception that Tantra only pertains to hetro couples. That’s rubbish. One of the awesome aspects of Tantra is that it is an inclusive belief system. Regardless of gender or who you are you can get a huge amount from these teachings. One of the things that set the Tantra Is Love workshops apart is this belief and understanding. The value is there because the teachings are relevant and transformational, regardless of what’s under your clothes or who you’re dating. I highly recommend a colleague of mine, Barbara Carellas, who is at the forefront of presenting Tantra in an inclusive format. She has a great book called Urban Tantra.

    What were you like growing up? Did you come from an open family? Were you at all spiritual prior to Tantra?

    I’ve been spiritual all of my life.  My father was a Christian Minister and we lived next door to the church. Although I felt spiritual, the Christian framework was never one I felt that I could entirely connect to. My family were incredibly loving and open, and sexuality was something that I could discuss, particularly with my mother.

    How about when you meet new people, what are their reactions?

    People are really interested.. and often it gives permission for them to ask questions or talk about sexuality in a way they may not normally.

    What are the top three things you’ve learned about yourself doing what you do?

    1. That my vulnerability is my greatest strength.
    2. Having integrity and right intention are major factors in this line of work.
    3. I’m constantly reminded that this work is not about me, that I happen to be a vehicle for people to receive these amazing teachings.

    What’s the hardest part about what you do? How do you deal with this?

    Trying to take it one step at a time.. The enthusiasm and passion I have for researching, creating and delivering content can sometimes become all consuming and can take me away from my own personal practice and relationships. So learning to slow down has been a big one. Knowing that as a teacher, one of the best things I can offer my students is to be strong in my own personal practice.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Where I am now but on an even larger scale. Tantra is Love ran workshops in Europe, Asia and Australia this year. In 5 years I would hope to reach even more people in more countries, seeing these teachings continue to change peoples sexuality and lives across the globe.

    What made you really happy this past week?
    Discovering how to make Chocolate Banana Cake in a rice cooker (I'm in Thailand at the moment without an oven).

    To anyone thinking about going to their first Tantric course what would you say?

    YES! This has the potential to change your life in a way that will make you wish you did it years ago. We often get people telling us that they wish they’d learnt this information as teenagers. So now is your chance, and don’t leave it any longer!
    Nb# I don’t recommend just any Tantric Courses. Be careful to choose a workshop or which is of a high standard, with well-educated teachers.

    Okay now a bit more generally…

    What does sexuality mean to you?

    Sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given as human beings. Sexual energy is one of the most potent forces on the planet. When we learn to harness this energy and use it, we are recognising an incredibly powerful tool. Sexuality has been the tool for me to transform my sexual relationships into a transcendent mix of physical ecstasy as well as a path to personal liberation and spiritual growth.

    Have you had any breakthrough moments regarding your sexuality?

    The breakthroughs NEVER stop… Just when I think I’ve learnt all I can, I’m blown away by something completely new, that I could never have guessed existed..  Sex doesn’t ever have to get boring. Complacency = bad sex. If you are prepared to stay open to the possibilities, they will continue to show themselves to you.

    What is your best resource for finding out more about sex and sexuality? Please be specific.

    Talk: To the people around you! Start conversations.. In Australia we are tendency to be very private about our sexuality. The people around us are some of our best resources. I had a conversation with a girlfriend the other day, and she made a suggestion to me that I never would have come across or discovered on my own.
    Read: Authors such as David Deida and Barbara Carellas.
    Watch: Films that educate on Conscious Sexuality. We have some suggestions on the Tantra Is Love website here:
    Study: Sign yourself up for a Sexuality/Tantra Workshop. There’s nothing quite like having a teacher to help really take your sexual education to a whole new level.

    If you could change something about the sexual landscape in our society (Australia) what would it be?

    The sexual education system in schools.. best to start there I say!

    Describe sex in one word?

    TheUltimateUnion (if there’s no gap, can I count it as one word?)

    If sex or sexuality was a song what song would it be?

    Ooooooh. Well. It really depends on the type of sex, right?  Sex encompasses such a range – sometimes it reaches epic orchestral heights, sometimes its soft and gentle, sometimes wild and fiery.. From 50cent to Vivaldi and everything in between. An actual song? Impossible to say..

    Turn ons?

    A man who is present – to his partner, to the moment and to the sensations he feels within his own body. Big time turn on. Presence is something that gets me off like nothing else. The rest follows..

    Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    It seems that sex is one of the only the areas we don’t go to teachers for. Yet its something we have in our life for most of our life. Many of us don’t give it the attention that it deserves. For example, if you want to learn how to play a guitar, you go to a teacher, you get lessons, you practice, you evolve and advance your skills. Our sexuality has the potential to affect everything we do. So it’s something to invest in, explore and use! The Tantrics did the research for us - and then gave us a perfect system to use.

    If you’re keen to access your full potential, then come and check out our workshops. We have only two workshops in Australia this year. They do sell out, so you’ll need to book in advance!

    Go to to find out more.

    Thank you so much, Emma!

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