• Fun Factory's Share (Product Review)

    9 out of 10 deep exhales.

    Whoa ladies, there’s a new double-ended in our town and obviously we love it – because we just said, “whoa ladies”!

    I literally do not want anything else in a double-ended this style. Hot! I give it a 9 out of 10 deep exhales, because who knows what's out there! I do love this product though. It is basically, perfect.

    For a while we avoided stocking the Share double-ended dildo by Fun Factory. In hindsight, I’m not exactly sure why we did that. However it’s now safe to say it’s a welcome addition to the Mia Muse website and it won’t be going anywhere fast, except off the shelves.

    Admittedly we are big fans of the Feeldoe and this is why we didn’t see the need to stock the Share initially, thinking that because it was a bit lighter and bendier than the Feeldoe this would be to it’s detriment. Boy, were we wrong! The bendier the better - moves you can pull. Yep that’s right, all those yogi/gymnast moves you had to hide away because other toys didn’t let you bounce around, you can now do with the Share.

    Share is made with a 100% body safe soft silicone and has a few ridges and a nice head, which is great for stimulation of all those sensitive spots along your vaginal walls or deep inside – that’s right, it’s pretty long! This soft silicone also means it feels softer during penetration and because it’s a really flexible toy, if you like to move around a lot the soft silicone enables such dances.

    It’s got a bigger stub than the feeldoe, but because it is slightly less heavy it means that it will feel substantial yet, isn’t completely unable to be held by the ‘wearer’ without a strap. Yes, if you’ve got strong vaginal muscles, this is of benefit if using a toy like this without a harness.  Of course if you’ve got a harness it can be worked into play with this also.

    Its big stub also makes for an excellent handle, so in this way it can be also used quite vigorously - if ya’ll should choose.

    So essentially if you like a big dildo that is lightweight, this is a well made, fun product that has provided plenty of strong orgasms! Yep, we were surprised! The Share is for you.

    The Share is great as a hand-held dildo too and can be used as a butt plug and a double-ended for both men and women!

    We do recommend it for experienced users or those who are willing to give things a go. If you’re a little apprehensive by the idea but want to try a strap-on we’ve got dongs that come in all different sizes and can be worn with a strap! They’re just not double-ended – which just to clarify means that both people involved in the experience have an end of the toy inside each of them – if they wish!

    If you’d like to check the Share click here.

If you’d like to see the small version, called the Share XS click here.

    Or if you’d like to check out our strap-on and harnesses click here.

    Lubricant may also be a nice addition to the bedroom with this one! Click here.

    If you'd still like to see the Feeldoe check it out here. It's slightly different silicone (still medical grade) and a bit heavier than the Share, but it does come in a variety of sizes. The Feeldoe does come with a little vibrator to change up the sensation of the dong - which is an added bonus. i think the difference is the Feeldoe is strong and steady, where as the Share is a bit lighter, still very fulfilling and little more bendy, so you can move around easier. Get me? Hope so.


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