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    Free The Nipple, is a naked or sensual photography series facilitated by Mia Muse. An interview about the experience and sexuality in general is conducted with the participant to accompany the photography. This is what you are reading. If you are interested in a session please email us at With so much love, enjoy.

    I first met Pavitra through our Pleasure Weekend workshop and my Goddess what a beautiful woman both inside and out. I could tell that Pavitra was throwing herself right into the deep-end with a commitment to shed all that was no longer serving her.

    Pavitra is a strong woman with an enthusiasm and willingness to explore things that challenge her at the core of her being and to softly surrender to the unknown aspects of life with grace. This is the Pavitra I know and it is a privilege to have her as part of our Mia Muse community.

    Pavitra is also a Leadership Coach. The qualities she embodies are qualities you for sure want in your life. Pavitra is able to guide you to find a good balance between the analytical mind and the intuitive heart and help you move forward in ways that will empower you. Pavitra is offering something special to those within our community, you can check what this is at the end of this interview. xx

    Why did you decide having a naked photo shoot was something you wanted to do?

    Growing up in India, I was taught that in order to survive in a male dominated society, I needed to suppress my sexuality in more ways than one. So I allowed the masculine energy within me to dedicate much of my life.

    But over the last decade, I began to recognise that my need to access creativity and intuition depended on me exploring the feminine wisdom within and I needed to shed a lot of my limiting beliefs around sexuality. Part of that process involved digging deeper into the realms of consciousness to understand those blockages that hindered my personal/spiritual growth as a woman in this physical life.

    As a result I began to explore the term ‘empowerment’.

    To me, it is simply about being able to embrace every part of my mind, body and spirit, just as is, without any judgement.

    One way I chose to honour my body for everything that it represents to me was by learning to live, breathe and be sensual.

    And that led me magically on to wanting to do the photo shoot!

    How did you find the experience of being photographed naked?

    I don’t think I would call myself a shy person but to actually be photographed was indeed a new experience.

    I was a bit uncomfortable being ‘sexy’ in front of lovely Georgia, but she immediately put me at ease by asking me to think of things that made me feel good about myself and to ignore the fact that she was in the room.

    Georgia certainly brought a high level of comfort and familiarity unlike anything I have experience and so the experience was empowering.

    I would totally do again...and....again!

    If you decided to share the images, what has the response been like?

    Overwhelming! I shared them with a few close friends and again for the first time, I heard them say, ‘that is the Pavitra I know’!

    I was completely clueless to how my own close friends perceived me.

    Here I was, on a journey to discover empowerment through sensuality and to consciously embody it in my life and I had no idea that I was already giving out that energy.

    An eye opener in the most amazing way!

    What’s your favourite photograph and why?

    My favourite is the photo of my hand.

    Even though in theory I understand that every inch of our body is sexual, that photo really hit home in more ways than one.

    Every time I look at the photo, I am reminded of how much emphasis we place on the physical aspects of sensuality but true sensuality comes from aligning our thinking minds to the way we feel.

    Do you think there is a connection between your sexuality and confidence?


    Inner confidence is about embracing all aspects of you.

    Both confidence and sexuality come from within. When you’ve got that going for you, the external world automatically begins to match the energy you embody and some really amazing coincidences start to unfold.

    Whenever I am not feeling good about myself, I quickly write down things that I love about me, my achievements and my strength in overcoming any difficult phases in my life and that automatically builds my confidence up.

    And when I feel confident, I feel like I exude sexuality.

    How does your mood affect your sexuality?

    All the time!

    I am an emotional/sensitive person, so I need to experience the rainbow of emotions within me so that I don’t suppress them and suffocate.

    But I have a great way to always reconnect with my sexuality. I have only recently discovered this trick.

    I just focus on the part of my body (or mind) that reminds me of my sexiness and even if it is just for a minute, I feel sexy.

    Oh and when I feel fear, I always think of sex!

    Something I used to do back when I was a teenager and was afraid of the dark.

    Puts me instantly in a sexy mood and fear…..poof.....gone!

    When do you feel most sexy?

    I always feel sexy after I have done some physical activity, whether it is a long walk, gym session, sex, yoga or just sweating it out in the sauna (it feels like a physical activity to me!)

    I think the endorphins always put me in a good mood and feeling sexy is my body’s way of thanking me.

    What does sexuality mean to you?

    Sexuality is life giving.

    It brings forth excitement, creative energy, stimulation, connection, intimacy (with oneself and others), playfulness, joy, acceptance and confidence.

    I had gone far too long without any of these in my life and over the last few years I have made a conscious choice not to do so anymore!

    Have you had any breakthrough moments regarding your sexuality?

    Oh so many, I could write a book!

    But the one that stands out to me is that the more time I spend exploring unknown aspects of life, the more I understand the union between mind, body and spirit.

    And sexuality is like the thread that connects everything together.

    One thing about sex you wish they taught you in school?

    That sex is a respectful expression of love between consenting adults.

    It is also more than a physical act between two people; it is the union between you and consciousness.

    From personal experience, the more you acknowledge and accept who you are, the more enjoyable sex is.

    Describe sex in one word?


    If sex or sexuality was a song, what song would it be?

    Paradise - Coldplay

    Any tips on harnessing your sexuality?

     Connect with yourself more.

     Explore everything about you and consciously love everything about you, with an honest intention to work on aspects of yourself that you are uncomfortable with.

    And do it in the way that best suits you.

     I promise you, your life will be transformed and sexuality will be a way of life.

     What do you think we need more of, in the world?

     To put it in simple words, we need to go back to basics.

     Redefine the roles of men and women as equal co-creators of the world we live in and find strength in the differences we represent.

     Is there anything else you’d like to share?

    If you haven’t already signed up to attend Vanessa’s workshops, I would suggest you do so immediately.

     The workshops are about pleasure, female anatomy, sexy yoga, connection to source, union with your soul, transformational meditations and more.

    It is a gift that keeps on giving!! And Vanessa’s sensuality is pretty contagious :)

    One workshop has the potential to change your whole outlook on sexuality and your connection to the universe.

    Thank you so much Pavitra, we love you. X

    Here is a link to Pavitra's work as a Life Coach.

    She's also so kindly offered those from the Mia Muse community a free life-coaching session and 50% off a second session. Please be in contact with her if you are interested - there are only 5 of these available. (website) (Facebook page)


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