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  • Sex. Intimacy. Birth. Family. (Workshop Completed)

    You’ve had a baby, and now everything is different... child birth is arguably the most intense and powerful rite of passage a woman can go through in her life, yet so few women have the knowledge and support needed to hold them through the transition.

    Join Vanessa & Jessie for a groundbreaking day of connecting to your deepest feminine self - exploring ways to feel empowered in your beautiful, evolved body. Whether you are partnered or solo, or have experienced trauma, frustration or boredom with your sexuality post birth, this mini-retreat will give you the practical tools needed to create new space for the connection & intimacy that allows for a joyful and expansive transformational experience.

    This workshop is for anyone who identifies with the offering and the intention is to reconnect with your pleasure body as your own. There are no timelines or boundaries around when or how you had your child. If you've got any personal questions about the event please do not hesitate to contact us on


    Where: Mossy Willow Farm:  547 Main Creek Rd, Main Ridge VIC 3928
    When: 13 November, 2016
    Time: 10:30am - 6:00pm
    Jessie Neave  is a multi passionate yoga nerd and creative type who has found her calling running Transformational Retreats. Jessie is a specialist in nada yoga (sacred sound) and an expert in Women’s Hormone Balancing and the Menstrual Cycle, and loves collaborating with wild women of all ages to help bring more raw, creative & healing power into the world where it is needed most. She has co hosted Creativity Retreats with Clare Bowditch and Pip Lincolne as well as Women’s Retreats with Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) & Lucy ‘Peach’ Farley.  Jessie can be found most afternoons in the garden with a cup of tea and her beautiful children, blissing out on the good stuff.
    Vanessa Muradian Vanessa loves love.  A sexologist, Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Mia Muse, Vanessa has been passionately working with women to feel comfortable, confident and engaged in their sexuality for the past 8 years. Vanessa has been exploring the connection of her physical and energetic body through yoga, and is constantly finding the benefits expand her relationship to herself and her sexuality. Vanessa loves exploring her boundaries and feels it’s her duty to constantly push, flow and evolve.
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