Mia Muse is a lifestyle and sensuality brand. Our products are of the highest quality, aesthetically beautiful, environmentally friendly and made with passion, either locally in Australia or imported from Sweden. Mia Muse believes that our products encourage the woman to embrace intimacy both alone and with a partner, promoting confidence and understanding in her sexuality. Through providing products that are unique, sexy, stylish and magnetic under the sheets, in the bath or on the shelves we are helping rejuvenate the concept of the ‘boudoir’ - an idea that in today’s hectic world seems lost.

Vanessa from Yarn on Vimeo.

So, the aim; Mia Muse wants to eradicate taboos, we have set a benchmark in Australia through combining lifestyle and sensuality, offering women-centric products infused with class and style. We consider sexuality an art, as individual as a fingerprint. Every desire and every journey is different, acknowledging and embracing our sensuality helps instil self-confidence, empowering ourselves, our relationships and even our life’s journey. Our products are made to help inspire and invigorate you.




Mia remains elusive; she is a mysterious woman whose inspiring light preludes our most intimate moments; these instances are when she is most alive.

Her sensuality is beautiful and dynamic, she keeps it private yet it radiates through her composure and presence. Mia is magnetic, she knows this comes from her love of self, she exudes confidence and has a real acceptance in who she is and what she needs; this is the attraction that draws people to her.

All of Mia’s beautiful, strong and elegant qualities, her recognition to treat and indulge her senses, her ability to embrace intimacy alone, make Mia the Eleventh Muse of Sensuality. Let Mia guide you.