Sex Talk (Parties At Your House)

Sex Talk

A new offering here at Mia Muse, where we can tailor make a night of sexy conversation and life changing knowledge to nurture you and your friends to embrace your sensuality. We come to you! All you have to do is get your friends together.

Full of fun, light-hearted, honest, open and "seriously life-changing" conversation!

How it works - contact us and set up a date for Vanessa (qualified sexologist and yoga teacher) to come to your place and either talk sex education and investigation, teach sensual yoga or talk to you about sex toys.

We've created this offering because we were having a lot of requests for Vanessa to come and speak to women about healthy, sensual sex & accessible sex education.

To express your interest or to lock in a date, email us at and someone will promptly get back to you.

Mia Muse aims to inspire you to feel passionately. 



Vanessa from Yarn on Vimeo - This video is from 2014. A lot of evolution has happened since then. We're working on new videos. :)