• Pjur Woman Nude (Lubricant)


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If you're into health, wellness or a conscious consumer then this lubricant is for you. Pjur Woman Nude comes from one of our favourite lube brands, Pjur. Pjur are tried and tested in the industry and always get a gold star from us.

What makes this lubricant great is that it is free from additives.

---Qualities you'll love---

  • It contains no preservatives, qlycerine and parabens. And like all Pjur products is free from oil, fat and perfume.
  • It's designed especially for delicate and sensitive skin of conscious women
  • Conditions and protects the skin without getting sticky.

Please note, that water-based lubricants can be used with all toys. They won't be as long lasting as silicone lubricants, but if you are sensitive then a lubricant like this is probably better for you.

The bottle is 100ml in size.

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